Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A Poem About Vaporization

The focus is revolutionary
when not focused on the storm -
or this glitzy plaza - but an actual place
full of details that seem certain
or almost clear, certain though, of a storm.
I'm up to us in parts, so this day is
good to you in a new way or you'll assume I'm bringing
you good news for once. I'll just be singing and dancing
with the most spectacular news ever.
I am reaching into the future of this day.
If I were vaporized you could breathe me in
and then that would not be so great for me.
So I'll just keep getting my skin on your hand.
The efficiency is important to notice. I cannot decline you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

love you big poet hunk. make me a pancake, daddy. love, shalimar

3:27 PM  

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