Thursday, August 06, 2009


She reminded me
as I ate the eel roll
that it is known to scavenge
food from the bottom of the sea
where cast off skin goes to
curdle flakes of inner organs
orange feet stomp into underwater
caves lilted in seawater the hoops
have tangled hair in them on the tiles
when she leaves and on the soap
a curl too. It is mysterious looking
into the gaps between things words
for instance or the notes between a cello
suite vast loops in the courtyard
and other places we nearly met
but probably did not or passed
by the store you had just entered
these random things are noble tracings of fate
or something with lines spelling words like "wait"
and "it'll happen." Blackberries
shared over an aluminum table late
at night things like that one by one
licking juice from fingers snapping to attention
when the phone rings a text appears
like white snow in a globe
the city looks sleepy and silent.
Reach out and there is a hand from Baltic to Borough Hall
and you can go there anytime because we are in the world
together, come what may.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the eel is known to scavenge, hence why it tastes like scavege. you are what you eat, right?

2:18 PM  
Blogger VicoLetter said...

xo peace and merci

2:37 PM  

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