Monday, August 03, 2009

Sweeten Your Day

Of that mouth eating animals
on the bicoastal highway
starving a fever or feasting on
a mountain lion. Switching gears
and heading into the hills remembering
no names but the ones
written on your blue arm
in black ink. Sunglasses in the woods
the threat of attack from an animal
don't get eaten don't shave off that
mustache don't be out all night.
How you move your hips is what counts most.
In one scene: oh I didn't know I was doing
that in such a way as to provoke a response
That sort of thing with flavor. With lip
gloss and with a microphone. You can make
an announcement by a locker or a stool.
Deep knee bends and grass stains. The Tide
commercial from 1999. The basket of fruit
with fruit flies and the smell of old men.
I am always looking for you or out for you.
My history on the web is under "history."
My pasword is an abbreviation of the rub out
landing squarely on the dock and dipping there
towards that mouth eating animals all like dripping.
Consolidated Edison is insane.


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