Thursday, July 30, 2009

All of a Sudden Todd

Glazed Todd touching tongues where earth meets Todd
comes to terms with the blue star Todd while tumbling Todd
runs into the woods or sniffs water Todd where someone might be
behind Todd earth to Todd receiving mixed messages teary fairwell Todd
after glee breakfast Todd a sad play with elements of grace Todd
with blood on gray sheets Todd July I love you the unsettled nature
of Todd anxious Todd pressure rises to meet tardiness highway
lumbering by Todd cool wind off jumping man Todd in the middle
of nothing if not glad Todd think about it Todd the triumph of bliss Todd
distant Todd all of a sudden we're bouncing on Todd closing the door
on Todd not looking back at Todd walking to the F without Todd
just late without air sucking up the unsettled Todd it came
so unexpectedly tears for Todd in the middle of nothing if not glad
then panicked fat tongue lips in a dribble lost to salt Todd.


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