Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Could Vanish

I could vanish actually
load a truck get into the
woods with books and some pens
my poems would be politically charged
there would be animals I'd name
there wouldn't a be a past
to preserve late at night trembling
into the new now but mostly just
sitting there with things crackling
all around me I'd be free from
the home delivery of the New York Times but
I'd be blasted from the roots
no one to play chess with I'd be
torn asunder by grief but still
making a mad dash to compassion
and sophistication in 2009
it's still there, the will, the drive,
I'm waiting & I've not loaded that truck yet
I need a kiss goodbye. Hello?


Blogger birthday girl said...

you remind me of an ex-lover that fell off into the deep end. Not really you, just your name. He used to talk about how he liked reading your stuff. i was curious, or maybe i wanted to please him so i started reading too.

end of story. goodnight.

12:04 AM  

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