Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hearing the Problems of Other People

Hearing the problems of other people
and not just pretending to talk on the telephone
but actually having earbuds in and be listening in
on the problems of other people. Then you can do
something or make something happen like a change.
You can walk around saying "something is about to happen"
and still make a good dinner companion.
We are always just wrapping something up
or unwrapping something or moving along
and forgetting something or encouraging people
around us with positive thoughts about their
well-being or groove set. Let it be driven and spastic
or not at all. Should you need my help,
well, you know, I'm here. I can see Governor's Island
from the balcony. People are on boats waving to other
people on boats. We could be part of so much.
Something has to happen next, so get ready.


Anonymous kimberly said...

Love this, Todd.
"Let it be driven and spastic or not at all" - I want the t-shirt.

7:57 AM  

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