Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Let's Have Dinner

1) Going to the beach is like being able to do
anything without having anything to do.

2) Swimming around you and the pebble jellies.

3) Every time I came up for air you were smiling.

4) Sand and sunscreen on your wheat-free Newman O's.

5) The sun was a spicy medicine we both took home with us.

6) Dashing to the 2:11 in flip-flops with red skin and beach heads.

7) When I licked your lips I could taste the sea.

8) It's okay to be here.

9) It's a good thing to be dozing next to you on a train, all sure and solid
and full of purpose.

10) Our ease is delightful and your company a gift.

11) Let's have dinner.


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