Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Long Beach

A few weeks ago the ocean
seemed lit from within as though
a bonfire raged somewhere deep
but it was the sun clowning around with the water.
Now I see green swimming in miso.
From Long Beach with love: my swim style
is all dolphin mystery around you
through waves I would never let hurt you.
Sand on your skin around the downy
hair on your lower back. Such a slow sun,
such a slick hand, and a gift to know you.
My talent pillow has air support. A white rock
with an inlaid T is something rather than nothing.
What drowsy passengers ride the train. I became
one of the relaxed guys just spending a day at the beach
with his love, and afterwards hustling to catch the 2:11
in flip-flops slapping hot asphalt
in my life a glance: sweet, that's the glow
we learned forgot and learned again.


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