Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ultraviolet Light Safety Month

The hormonal rays of the sun will
lift you should you let them cream you.
We make a little play up
and in the play I am the merchant with
a cloud over his shoulder, but ready for bread
and butter and brighter days.
There are salespeople and clicks of the tongue
on the roof of the mouth that signify
nothing more than sticky food and plaque.
I am yours to desire should the moods become
more or less shattered we'll count the moments
with taps on the back of a monster.
What monster? It's raining all the time now
that it's summer and the people are all
helpful with their glazed skin. They make you feel
better about not being able to help them.
Still there are moments of bliss that
can barely be contained. The musicians
are tuning up, you enter the room and there
is a swell of delight, wings spread, butterflies
flap against the steel blades - that sort of stuff.
I might let you in should you want in.
Actually, you're soaking in it.


Anonymous Jake Mooney said...

Tips for Summer Eye Protection:

* Wear sunglasses with 97% to 100% UV-A and UV-B protection
* Avoid purchasing sunglasses without UV labeling
* More expensive and darker sunglasses are not always better
* Large, wrap-around style sunglasses are best
* Don’t rely on UV contact lenses, also wear sunglasses
* Protect yourself on hazy and cloudy days too
* Wear a hat
* Wear sunglasses all year round

1:59 AM  

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