Monday, July 13, 2009

Because I Was Alive Then

Think of a place and then go there
even if it seems harsh people
gathered there might entertain you with
biting your arm or slapping at you
for your successes. They might tell
you things about their moods and how
wallowing in fatigue is just one way
to smother yourself and get
swallowed by the night. They might
expect a lover's hand on your back to greet
them too when they taunt you
with words whispered into your ear
in the dark all the loops of the same scenes
they haven't invented a remedy for.
There is a spool where it touches the lobe
you should just shove it the fuck in
and get out of Dodge on a Schwinn.
In your books all the words are smudged.
Nothing tells you its over everything shines
begin so lets collect your dust
and put it in your dumb show.
You make scenes all the way up 7th Avenue
vomit silver choked up once so breezy and wise
a sassy college kid in crazy sunglasses
signified rebellion to you but
you don't know and you still don't know
so you don't even know where to begin with me.


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