Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Give the Lion a Rest

It might take a year of rest
to incur doubt the seed in the middle
of green fat a body with trouble
that shakes the soap into the drain.

The robust awash a saddle
some basin to fill with plum wine
and a fork to stick in a thick set
vibrant and shiny you planted a tree.

So live in it thin meadow with milkweed
scooping the insides out of a doll a layer
of dill the tug of germs escapes the couple
on the floor a demand or a rug.

Venting comes in breaths then an opening
lit up to make bent what stood straight a gash
in the tent and then again a slit
opened up the question the solids.

Seep inside you fill your belly with
winners salad spice looms aches asleep
your arm asleep your dry dreams
cast a wide net in the smart class a likeness.

A humming bird or a bear I really need
to take extra care I just wonder if there were
a number assigned to each day how many
if we were counting down to something a figure.


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