Monday, February 09, 2009

Monday Top 10

1) I'd appreciate a hand because I have to figure out subjectivity. I almost fainted on a stool at work.

2) Put your mask on first and then the child and then walk around Cobble Hill scaring the shit out of people.

3) Somebody's status is "jolly" after winning $100,000.

4) 300 years ago Pascal pointed out my faults. Thanks heaps!

5) A degree of hopelessness wouldn't hold a candle to trouble you a world away. But I wasn't looking when I met you either.

6) Maybe in the glasses I can see what you mean i.e. the next time you cry look in the mirror and watch yourself cry. If someone is embracing you as you cry look over their shoulder and try to catch a glimpse of yourself crying in a reflective surface.

7) Hey my mind just noticed that my mind was noticing that. Hegel did my thinking for me before I was born. On the day that I was born Cioran took over. Thanks guys!

8) People in pink sneezing. A sturdy blankness. People in airports are distracting, but I'm not, I'm invisible, remember?

9) Nostalgia is a curse. There is enough suffering in the present.

10) Those moments after something big has occurred when you realize something big has occurred.


Blogger Christine said...

The Virgin in a tiny box.

8:05 PM  

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