Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday Top 10

1) Job: reading coupons to blind people. Not for their literary value or anything--but just to find out if anyone wants them.

2) Let me have some of what you need me for.

3) Are you sick or something? If you're not feeling well then why don't you come in for a drink, on the house. I hope you're not sore.

4) The specular "I." Adding up the numbers from your date of birth. Looking for some sign. An occasion for analysis.

5) I'm right at where you are.

6) I look at that picture and I'm still alive.

7) Quantum fluctuations cause objects to lose their shape. As a result, all matter is liquid.

8) It doesn't hurt to love Jane Bowles.

9) I can't stand something that size chubbing.

10) "If you can't find anyone who can stand you, you can't find anyone who believes you've got anything they want." Adam Phillips Equals p. 87


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