Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Top 13 Things

1) Gorilla, coffee. The best.
2) Talking with Jeni about James Schuyler's letters.
3) Running through Brooklyn in motherfucking tights.
4) The Parade grounds. Ditmas Park.
5) Running by The Lefferts House.
6) Lunch with Nick, Jon and Eloy. 6th and 21st, Brooklyn.
7) Raspberry jam out of the jar on a serated knife (licked it). Then I got a spoon & licked it.
8) Broccoli and onions from Sihadi's.
9) Drew over for tea. Everything about serving & sipping tea makes me feel like I'm pretending to be grown up.
10) Beautiful letter from my old friend Doug Staton. Your books are coming Doug & thanks for yours.
11) BookForum in the mailbox.
12) The smell of cucumber oil.
13) The vast vacation of never.


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