Monday, July 28, 2008


What are you putting into it
what do you hope to get back
from this life
what can you hold in your arms
late into the night
without crushing it?
Try to mend yourself with
old pieces of felt and glue
it's not going to be alright
because the televison
said the memories are
getting more distant
now that you can't remember
where you got beat up
by everyone with an older
brother, older than you even
the rocks tossed angrily
at the kids with dirt clods
in the tree fort we were all cruel
unusual and seeking punishment
eating green apples
until you got sick
I carried you home
in the dark try to
remember what I tell you
because I'm not telling you


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I certainly am on the mend. many words come to you, todd, and push their way out. there is no filter. yes, my memories are forgotten, I wonder if they're just completely pissed off and sulking, no hard feelings guys, we were all cruel, love jenny.

11:14 PM  

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