Friday, November 02, 2007


Pylon's great album "Gyrate" has just been reissued and it's available on i-tunes. You might not have any idea how great they were--find out now.


Blogger TFO said...

i love their indifference to the Industry and commitment to Art. That's the way it should be.

4:14 PM  
Blogger Andrew K said...

Hadn't heard of them; look worth checking out and like their attitude, though seems a pity they couldn't have found a way of continuing in a way they'd have liked.

5:18 PM  
Blogger Andrew K said...

Listening to a bit more on Youtube, excellent. I see they're back together.

5:22 PM  
Blogger Creamy Center said...

Pylon did a show a few weeks ago in NYC--I missed it. I heard it was terrific. My new favorite is "No Age" an LA punk duo that the New Yorker just did a loving profile about. MBV meets Wire, sorta.

10:28 PM  

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