Friday, October 19, 2007

Ultimate Panda

You immobilized your darling
panda steaks in aspic
creating panda veal
meats of the world
you only eat the endangered
species you sick fuck
but they're so tender
(makes chef's gesture:
kisses cluster of fingers
and splays them into the air, de-lish!)
it melts from the bone
we have to follow you with a pan
letting the meat drip in a cone
we pour the ingredients back
into your face and watch
you gurgle with glee
"this is the last best panda ever
and I am eating it for good
weather you like it or not
because it’s tender so fuck you"
your mouth has ultimate panda grease
on it let's make out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Panda? Did you say Panda? I asked your niece the other day what she was going to be for Halloween. Her answer: An Evil Panda. Why? Because everyone expects the Panda to be nice. Cool.

6:33 PM  
Blogger Anne Elliott said...

what a delicious poem

thank you

4:24 PM  

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