Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Now You Can Sit Back

My star sign is WOLVERINE
I heat Crest
in the microwave
in a shot glass with
spores from a glory rig--
don't ask.
Let the fine white plastic
shavings from the faux
wood blinds come to rest
in your delicate pink lungs.
Fade in so I can rub
the frequency of desire
into your green ways--
the smell of TV
is electric on you,
and that's a fact.
Cross the lush bridge
all darted and foamy
while I comb the glass
from your hair.
This is great.


Blogger Josh said...

Todd - great to meet you at LP. Sorry to hear about your stomach. I think I saw you at some point during the run (yellow visor?) and you were looking strong (must have been before mile 9...). We hit Carribbean Cowboy on Monday night and LOVED it. Great recommendation - by far the best food up there!
Hope to see you around town. js

10:01 PM  

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