Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tuesday Top 10

1) Dawn.
2) E's Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee
3) Oneida: "Happy New Year"
4) Nirvana "All Apologies" (MTV Unplugged version)
5) Briefly: a general feeling of well-being.
6) Sopranos, Season 4, episode 13: "Whitecaps"
7) Henri Michaux: "It's a matter of holding on for a little while longer--two hours, three, four, after which the hardest part will be over...if I make it until then. The future, how much of it is left for me?" From "By Surprise"
8) Basquiat's drawings.
9) Blueberries and a kiwi while reading the NY Times.
10) Saying hello to friends in the park.


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