Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Top Three Poems in the United States

1) Gold Grease (you put it all over your body and roll down a hill to collect gold dust).

2) Garbage Bear (you fall asleep during the election and dream of bears eating dirty tissues--for the saline content--from the silver garbage bucket next to your desk).

3) White Sulphur Spots (on her face).


#1 Song: "Westworld" by Valley of the Giants (i-tunes).


"Things close down with age, like stores, like lights go off, like a world disappearing in a vacancy one had no thought would happen." -Robert Creeley

"My religion won't allow me to stick my fingers in my shoes." -woman in shoe store


Dream little shit flower
your earthling smell is
death to us
wet little mood wicks--all the oceans
score the parade of scuttles and blows
I'm alone without you, sensational
progress is simply a distraction

Garbage Bear! Come and clear the garbage!

Todd Colby


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