Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Lillian Vernon Catalogues

"I look at Lillian Vernon catalogues and imagine what that kind of a life would be like. Then I get sleepy." --Sharon Mesmer


Blogger Sharon Mesmer said...


I love what you said about bicycling, and it links with the Cioran interview my student sent me: EC said, re: insomnia, that after he started cycling around the French countryside, sleeping outdoors in fields, he stopped having the insomnia (of course he'd had it for six years already).

Perhaps sleeping al fresco in Cadman Plaza might help me.

I would love to be interviewed for bookslut BY a book slut!! We should interview each other, actually -- it could be a series of questions, riffing off each other's questions (no answers, just questions).

I LOVE that photo of you and E!

x, S

11:42 AM  

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