Tuesday, November 14, 2006


"I love you" on the back of an envelope from the government.
"Buy toilet paper" at the bottom of a love poem and self portrait, by E.
Mixing genres in an effort not to be detected as a "poet."
Cendrars, Michaux, Spiegelman, Schneiderman, Burroughs and the NY Times.


A critic is someone who is adept at forming categories.
He's got charisma (a wooden helmet) so he can
do anything he wants--he's protected by the wood.


She packs a baggy full of grape jelly in her purse--pulls it out
at the right moment--puts it between herself and another person.
"I'm just going to put this here while I ride this train."


"It is terrible to be with people who are intelligent
and can understand, yet who cut themselves off with
a high wall of indifference. It is far better to be with crude people
who do not realize what they are saying or doing. One is
not so lonely or lost." --Denton Welch "The Diamond Badge"


"And if her green elegance
remains on this side of my rain ditch
puss lizard will lunch on some other t-bone."
--Ezra Pound/The Cantos LXXX


"Little by little the contradictory signs of servitude and revolt
are revealed in all things. The great constructions of the intellect are, finally, prisons: that is why they
are obstinately overturned." --George Bataille, "Lugubrious Game" in Visions of Excess.


This wish: that I might be okay.


Blogger K. Silem Mohammad said...

OK, the grape jelly thing has me laughing so hard I'm going to choke on my own liver.

1:07 PM  
Blogger Todd Colby said...

Key KSM!

When I write something that makes someone choke on their own liver I know I'm a winner with a winning lifestyle!



7:32 AM  

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