Monday, October 16, 2006

You Think People Are Talking About You

You and your floral charm
sag-legged and harnessed to hurt by
the small of your back lit by gel lights
so the target isn't the pale tin snips
misguided as you are and soft spoken
as a shroud should suffice your odor
leaden and fatigued a hornet's nest
raging in the basket of sandwiches
those onions are really bombs
and any mention of food will come to rest
bringing only the worst of the worst
pampered bathroom magic fixed
as it were by the caustic blue blankets
a nick on my knee where I tried to shave
the hair off but hacked the skin instead
haunted by your words to us
delighted by the weather
strange as it may seem
and dark as my morning began
aching and foggy your dolomite
partitions are mere straws
the cactus butter the bread
the clues to a bitter life.


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