Thursday, April 16, 2015


I don't think too much about your shirts.

Remember to write a thank you note to Ambien.

My Gran Fando.

Sometimes Bach makes me not relaxed.

Physical, as in two muskrats fighting with everything they've got.

I had a headache, so I hummed a lullaby while listening to a relaxation podcast.

Super tired and freaked.

The bottles are rattling in the recycling bin out in the courtyard.

Once you are an adult you can no longer smell yourself.

So it is written.

Sometimes when I talk to people I want to become one of Phil Hartman's characters.

One of Phil Hartman's characters when I talk to people sometimes.

Oud on the beloved.

Crowds in the museum at 1PM on a Saturday.

Wind? No, traffic.

Sunday morning.


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