Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Rub It

If you could smell this
you'd be as a happy as a clam.
Fact: civets are called "toddycats" in English.
You know what? It's always time and it's never not.
Everyone understands what I am struggling with.
The day opens with a shit ton of boxes,
a lot of people, and at the end:
a little reading.
Tara is reading Razor's Edge.
My father gave me that book when
I graduated from High School.
I didn't read it right away.
Then one day a few years later, I read something
positive that William S. Burroughs
had written about Somerset Maugham.
That was my prompt. I'm grateful to my father
for giving me that book. I mean, it was thoughtful.
Kaki King plays guitar really well.
There's sand in the water and everyone has
dirty fingernails. It's so cold I see you frown.
I'll rub it in your crowd.


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