Friday, March 28, 2014


Brooklyn looks quaint at dawn.
Bare trees point up the same way
molten aluminum points down
when poured into an ant colony.
There are eggs and toast on display
in the window of a diner, but they are not real.
Orange juice is artificially colored
because it's okay to do that.
Everyone seems about 20% more
clever and together than me lately.
A few cars hiss by, a woman puts
the garbage out, the top of a building
changes from red, to blue, to purple,
to green, and back again. The silhouette
of a satellite dish on the roof across
the street receives signals from the sky.
The coffee has been sipped, the news
has been read, the day is slightly
quiet and tangled in daylight.
The forecast calls for more than rain.


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Love this one!

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