Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Tug up, amazing things are crystallizing
in your room. It's March.The air outside is critically cold.
That dusting of frost on the rusty bikes is a reason to cheer.
If you bury yourself in the comments section, winter will
appear to pass faster, but you'll feel like your brain has been punched
by too many weirdos. It might ruin summer for you.
One bright spot:
Randall's Island is spirited at midnight.
Walk there, it isn't far from the border.
The city has no faults, it never does.
And so, absolved, I will deliver my vivisection
with a crappy turntable and a crate of records.
Some people are so delicate. To do:
make everyone dance vigorously, prank a coworker,
develop a habit of actually ordering prawns, and observe
how sincere I am when fearful.


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