Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sample Questions

1) What did you have for breakfast?
2) When was the last time you really cried? Like all out super crying.
3) Did you ever go through a rebellious period with your parents?
4) Did you ever slap or punch someone?
5) Have you ever thought about shaving your head? And if so, why?
6) Would you - fill-in-the-blank - for a million dollars?
7) Were you a creative kid? How did it manifest itself?
8) Were you ever embarrassed about yourself as a kid? Why?
9) How many bones have you broken?
10) Have you ever had to get stitches?
11) Do your parents enjoy your creative work?
12) Have you ever eaten a whole pizza or box of doughnuts or box of cereal in one sitting?
Why do you think that happened?
13) Do you believe time is moving faster for all of us? What are the top three indicators?
14) What kind of shampoo do you use?
15) Do you believe in ghosts?
16) Share two observations, in two sentences, on Paris.
17) Do you keep a notebook?
18) What color hair does your ideal reader have?
19) What music made you flip your lid recently?


Blogger Toast said...

1) English muffin with mango chutney jelly.
2) Thinking about my beloved parakeet who passed away.
3) Does my entire adult life count?
4) Once. It was a lame punch.
5) Couple times. Because I can't stand my curly hair.
6) Probably, as long as the blank wasn't inconsistent with my values.
7) Yes. Legos, plastic model kits, drawing.
8) Yes. Because I was fat, asthmatic and emotionally awkward.
9) Three.
10) Several times.
11) Yes.
12) Yes. Because I can be very self-indulgent.
13) Yes. Moore's Law. Instant nostalgia. Facebook ADD.
14) Alberto V05.
15) No, but they do scare me.
16) It looks like a wonderfully relaxing city. I bet the French are no more or less snobby than anyone else.
17) No, but I need to start one for work if I ever hope to make management.
18) Blonde.
19) Fun.

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