Saturday, November 30, 2013

Billy Cancel Told Me

Billy Cancel told me
air collapses into light
sockets and shocks the pubis
into a hip shake frenzy.
He said dance amid the cobwebs
that happen to be nutritious and
delicious smeared on your clothing
or melted on your tongue. Get your
walk on so the template is wiped
clean with blue Windex and some
soapy shovel with a napkin
at its edge for scraping
the dodgy bits from the panes.
You think you've got all day
to climb the stairs, Billy said,
but your collapse is imminent,
will come suddenly and so draws
to a close. Daisies stuffed into
the barrel of a rifle, Billy said,
look pleasing but stop nothing.
The future is now, Billy added,
it will ripple through your days.


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