Thursday, August 08, 2013

Thursday Top 10

1) Pierre Matory The Landscapist. (John Ashbery translation)

2) "Twenty Feet from Stardom." A surprisingly good documentary about backup singers.

3) "Cutie and the Boxer." I'm excited to see this documentary when it opens next week.

4) Shave and a haircut.

5) Antonio Gramsci Selections from the Prison Notebooks.

6) Paris?

7) Lizard Skins Bar Tape.

8) Hibino Sushi tonight.

9) Tie clip, dress belt, fancy socks.

10) Dancing around my apartment like a total jackass.


Blogger Glen Green said...

Today I am laid up in pain, discouraged to find that three days of unrelenting spasms is more than enough to bring me to my knees, metaphorically, because I am not able to get there physically. One million ibubrophen, muscle relaxers, even valium - strange intruders in my chemistry - and nothing eases it. But I can tell you this, I envy you your French treasures.

2:54 PM  
Anonymous Vico said...

#10 is my favourite....

7:22 PM  

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