Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dear Spring

Fact: The earth's surface is a series
of undulating lumps. Some lumps you can climb,
other lumps you just have to sit and admire
from a lawn chair in an easy park setting.
Another fact: It's not been a super awesome
spring, but it's been a pretty good spring,
according to a dude talking into his phone
on Smith Street, where the delicate invasion
of warm air has curled my toes into a sort
of salute. Taxis are interesting vehicles.
Trucks unload food that we'll eat later, or not.
Fact: I saw a little girl in a stroller with candy
striped boots and a silver star stuck
to her forehead, the kind the teacher would
put on a paper for doing a good job.
Dear spring, you are doing a good job.


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