Monday, December 31, 2012


Gimlet eyes soothes monster with
feather mechanism. Spreads butter on
collarbone to achieve desired sheen.
Old trick: foster flex and thrum.
All the animals are damp in this basement.
Pony smell where there is no pony.
Authentic letters in a bundle wrapped
with an old leather strap. Yellowed
paper between lips to orchestrate
a mailing motion. Minty envelope glue
from before the internet. Deposit through
rusted metal slot, like if there were water
the rust would turn blood red. Anyway,
a mobility issue, a stark contrast
to the surroundings, a hairless cat,
something else. So the letter never gets
sent but someone caves in and reads it.
Seriously befuddled entrance with fork
and knife kit for hikers. The method of year
endings mostly from estrangement and moss.
The vehicle of intent drives around waiting.


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