Thursday, November 01, 2012


In the event of an aftermath,
bathe in the blue light for the duration
of the silent phase. The weather will help you along.
Simple gestures to the neighbors, please.
Nothing elaborate or indecent, but perhaps
sanitary and soothing by way of your hand
moving across the air in front of your face
signifying grace or empathy. Then, when you
feel secure on the floor, drop to your
knees and spray sleep into the cracks. This
moment is important not to ask what sleep
spray is. The answer will come to you
with a red sound, like a bell that has a color
that you can taste. Yes, that sort of thing.
Nuzzle with the body in the blanket next
to yours even if there is no body.
The air will feel cold on your nose
and the sirens will seem a bit too close
for comfort all morning. Don't worry, someday
they will come for you, but not today.


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