Saturday, October 06, 2012

Incident Reports

9:16 AM
Man and woman talking in the courtyard. The occasional sound of sustained laughter. From her more than him.

9:18 AM
The words: "worried about it" spoken by the man in the courtyard.

10:07 AM
Workers hammering in a vacant apartment on the 2nd floor.

10:23 AM
In an effort to get a glimpse of the people talking in the courtyard, I bump my head on the window frame.

10:35 AM
Wispy, high clouds coming in from the south over Brooklyn.

10:43 AM
A real and consistent itching sensation on my left outer thigh. I reach inside my pants while standing up after failing to satisfy the itch over my pants.

10:44 AM
I suddenly realize there is a man in the adjacent building looking across the courtyard at me from his window as I itch my leg with my hand down my pants. Worry for a moment about what he might think I'm doing. I lose interest in this line of thought as soon as he disappears from the window.

11:02 PM
The sound of a staple gun that echoes through the courtyard.

11:20 PM
Text from Tara who asks how I'm doing.

11:21 PM
I text back that I'm doing fine, just writing.


Blogger joanna said...

Love it. Just remembered this dream I had that I was discussing the importance of Bernadette Mayer at a panel on poetry. I was in the audience, but I stood up to talk about how she was "kind of a big deal" and people should know that.

12:55 PM  
Blogger Jake Mooney said...

I like this.

12:32 AM  

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