Monday, October 01, 2012

City Walk

Every person in New York City has a name
and they tingle in cool weather outfits
ready to get it on in autumn. Some people
are creating film scores to go along
with their walk through October. They wear
headphones in their own video about doing that thing.
Strolling around in a park next to the water
with a busy background and then waving
to the sky to create the impression
that a person is up there in the sky
waving back. Or walking down the street
and waving to a house to give the impression
to the other passersby that someone is
in the house waving back. There, among the
marvelous flow of orange and black streamers
festooned around a VW, someone has written
the word "DUDE" in white marker on the windshield.
There are signs of life all over the place.


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Love this one, too.

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