Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to Wake Up

Morning is for rubbing the sleep
off your body. Surface texture should
be crystalline and calibrated for urgency
but in a manner that does not alarm or provoke
aggression in the downstairs neighbors.
For safe traveling out to the edge of living room,
bring some fruit roll ups, just in case
you get stuck in the wind and can't
get back until nightfall. Bring also:
glass beads for meditation and some
ochre tinted shawls for warmth
and camouflage. Turn ringer on phone
to "blast" mode. Bring water syrup
and steel mud cleats for her. Take field
notes with golf pencil. Record the transition
from sleeping to awake and the various
realizations as the work vehicle approaches.
Feel the rumbling under your feet
until the day fits around you properly.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really like this poem...

7:57 AM  

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