Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Continue Reading

What concerns me - continue reading -
is the spectacle of humans on the A train
platform - continue reading - if the music moves you
stand still with me and focus on what you can't
do to it - continue reading - there will be moments
like this when the very air stalls, some would call
it a drop in barometric pressure, some simply caving
into desire with grace - continue reading -
I love the canopy of sun that seems to have
ripped through the older darker sky, if only
for a moment before the showers come again -
continue reading - there will be days when the
very fabric of your life seems alien and absurd,
flanked by all sorts of people you don't understand
anymore - continue reading - the idea, no, the fantasy
of friends or family sticking around long enough to see
change or change coming without loss is simply
absurd - continue reading - it will be good to come
to a resting place long enough to call it eternity,
you'll see - continue reading - everybody clap.


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