Thursday, August 09, 2012


I'm bright and expansive
as a silver dollar taped
to the back of a falcon.
You may now think of me, thank you.
I like soothing you with my unforgiving heat.
I have to put on real pants and a real
shirt just to walk around the city.
I can do that well enough
to go unnoticed for a week or so
in the new world where I might assist
you with relaxation techniques
like spooning and water breaks.
Nibbling a sandwich in the office
is another facet of controlling anxiety.
This notion is covered
in my nightly seminars while
thumping your blue chest for signs of progress.
Key ideas: Think about how it would feel
to spend the whole day moving around in slow motion.
In addition: avoid boredom by winning the trust of people.
Once you are close to them, smell them for signs of distress
so you can address it in your free time. Certain things
you sense on your body are really there
so you should remove them with the
help of a magnifying glass. If you fall asleep
next to me and I draw a mustache on your face
with a felt-tipped marker it is only to teach
you about identity, not to piss you off.


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