Saturday, June 09, 2012

Love Poem

My screen name is "Fast Learner."
I can use a computer and send links.
I've used a remote control, a microwave,
Microsoft Word, microfiche, a microscope,
Retail Pro, a chamois and a Swiffer.
I can identify fennel, rhododendrons,
wisteria, tulips, and over-pronation.
I know that a drink as red as a Shirley Temple
is a real treat in certain circles. I know that
a bag of almonds does not constitute dinner,
though it has on more than one occasion. I know
that when I think someone wants to kiss me
I’m usually right. I know that when I take too
many vitamins my stomach hurts. I’ve washed dishes,
and made eggs the French way. I’ve used Dawn, Clorox,
Diptyque, Malin and Goetz, Kiehl’s, and Men’s Science.
I’ve walked along the water, bumped the crap out of my head,
stubbed my toe on that fucking end table, and dusted under
the bed. I like Werner Herzog and chocolate granola.
I would like to get to know you better.


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