Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Super Poem

1) A life of regal flouncing
is followed by a cheap hair conditioner
rubdown in a motel 6.

2) Under this lighting
it looks like bubbles floating around
one goggle.

3) Tonight is the night of your
life when you have another night in your life.

4)Make a mistake and get all up
in your gills.

5) Stuff your face with
yarn dipped in Vaseline.

6) Buy yourself
an expensive hat and deal with it.

7) Motion to the waiter with a gesture
that implies aggressive thrusting.

8) Get a bead on the problem and then
dial it into a phone by assigning each
problem a numeral.

9) Psychic connections are real according
to some very popular magazines.

10) People of Paris: I am coming to your city
very soon.


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