Friday, May 04, 2012


You and your guests should sit in a pretty room
with the hope of strengthening experience
with the infamous box changed by fingering.

Now, I'm not saying you should from thence, or perhaps be contractors.
But things that power the value of the experience
can make a huge difference. Perhaps you need a little more information
about how life is going to win the melting time
and the uncertainty about the modern years to make. I provide.

You can insulate with plates of fresh air, stripping the air
to fill your clothes with breeze. It is a way you should try.

You, creator of stylish, should never be afraid
to ask all the questions I have.
Note that another way must be around you.
The following questions should be answered before with most everything:

Do you love him? Would you throw his ashes in the Seine?

I should be included in your answers as a type of solution
for relaxing measures. Even if you prefer not to include me
as a guest, your home is a place of justice, it is a piece of cake.
It's easy for me, it should be easy for you.

Treat yourself to expensive. Even a brand new king pampered
with all the new tools can do a lot through the aircraft mounted shower.
Hold me while I convulse to this.


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