Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Vibes

If I'm awake it's only because
of the tricksters who've managed
to unfurl some silver streamers
from the top of my building
which is a real treat while I
lay in bed and listen to the soundtrack
of three lawn mowers. This morning
I made out with my forearm because
that is the way most of us learn
to kiss our forearms: by simply
doing it again and again. Fact:
Lots of people aggressively plop down
on the floor just to feel their muscles
go all gelatinous around the bones
holding them together. Okay, one last
thing: There will come a time
when a cardinal will fly by your window
and it will be no more significant
than just another red bird adding
a blemish to the sky. Until then,
no more bad vibes!


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