Monday, April 09, 2012

Light Supper

I will always have this sense
That leaving the house is easy
When it's my load slowly burning
No licking between legs no effort
Carefully over the load.
Draw a key on a pad of paper
Carry the bureau drawer
Flanked by well-meaning people
In such a manner that
A jaw bone under a tense muscle
resembles a briefcase.
I watched this operation:
Removing an organ from a slack body
In the spanking new limousine.
Yawning, there is plenty of space for sports.
In the harbor with bleached whale bones
Bumping the prow of the boat.
It was the longest day;
My mint green scarf was shredded
By ocean wind. Steady as she goes.
The air was heavy like heavy computers
Slow to establish a roundness of face
Air. Everyone liked the silvery
Paper lips of the make out stranger.
Reluctantly behind treetops
I felt the monster calm of night
gingerly stepping around the smooth
Silver room. When it was time
When it was merely light
For supper.


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