Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Three Street Shots

Early in my situation
I felt my reluctance to have movement.
When the stage of triumph came
I maintained my skin as it degraded. I filled my sling
with petroleum jelly to avoid the pain of the rope.
I went for the win until I remembered
my head in difficult circumstances.
I still have a long way to go
before moving into the area of ​​silky peace
far from the delicate lamb Oxfords,
desires, and orchids. My heart aches when I see
the frayed pink stitching on the mat in front of my door.
I keep my ice meat in the snow.
Shortly before the blast of silence, I increased my speed
while the landscape came to me.
Flash fade in the street shots.

Early in my plight I felt my indecision to be a saddle.
And then the stitching grew larger than the leather
it was holding together. I filled my arm sling
with petroleum jelly to stave off the ache from the ropes.
I was riding triumphantly until I remembered
it was early in my plight; I still had a ways to go
before moving into the delicate clime of humid oxfords
and orchid lust. My heart beat maximally when I saw
the pink stitching on my saddle getting frayed.
I sustained myself on ice meat as I stood in the snow wet street.
Right before my bloom into silence I sped along
while the landscape came up to meet me.
A faint flash in the slaphappy streets.

Early in my situation I felt my indecision
to be a saddle. And then the seam of larger things
cracked Leather WAS Maintained united.
I filled my support of the arm with the oil
for frost stave except the pain of the rope. I
Went up triumphing up so That I Were Remembered
Yields in my situation, I had a method still I HAD to go
to the wet clime Before moving in delicate oxfords
and lust of the orchids. My heart beat maximally
When I saw pink in my saddle SEWS That Comic consumed.
I felt myself Supported in the meat of the ice
as long as I was fastened to the street of wet snow.
Right Before the explosion in silence That I hurried
When The landscape Finds came up with me.
A weak flash in the streets slaphappy.


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