Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Top 10

1) Love Goes to Buildings on Fire: Five Years in New York That Changed the Music World Forever by Will Hermes.

2) On The Nature of Things by Lucretius (Translated by Frank O. Copley).

3) Downton Abbey, I drank the koolaide.

4) Raleigh Denim.

5) Goose Barnacle on Atlantic Avenue.

6) Mast Brothers Chocolate (Maine Sea Salt).

7) Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.

8) The Yoghurt Boys.

9) The Marbled Swarm by Dennis Cooper.

10) This version of "Like a Rolling Stone" (Dylan and The Band are on fire):


Blogger richard lopez said...

hey, cool! i am also digging in to the hermes book. if i get my hands on a time machine i wanna go back to '70s nyc!

1:23 AM  
Blogger Mark Simpson said...

#3 with a bullet ... that DA koolaid is some scary heavy water ... but never as cool as the Glee Farm koolaid.

5:54 PM  

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