Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Wednesday Top 10

1) "With the sad sweetness rising in me like nausea, like the beginning of wanting to vomit, but spiritually." -Fernando Pessoa, "Maritime Ode"

2) "It is human to search, from lure to lure, for a life that is at last autonomous and authentic." -George Bataille, from The Accursed Share

3) "Hence writing is a self-disturbed activity: it knows itself to be, at once, trivial and apocalyptic, vain yet of the greatest consciousness-altering potential." -Maurice Blanchot

4) "I've often thought that the best way of life for me would be to have writing materials and a lamp in the innermost room of a spacious locked cellar." -Franz Kafka, in a letter to Felice.

5) "What is marvelous is that each day brings us a new reason to disappear." -E.M. Cioran, from Anathemas and Admirations

6) "I wait impatiently for involuntary thoughts-those are the only ones that count." -Peter Handke, from Weight of the World

7) "The reader likes you to tell her/him what she/he already knows in familiar form whether in mainstreamese or avant-gardese, but then there is the individual reader who is often not like that at all, who prefers poems to be talking about them and has strange individual experiences with them. That's a very scary idea." -Alice Notley

8) "For me it's a lot about possession: the world is missing these things that I want to own, so I have to make them." -Donald Baecheler in Lacanian Ink #2

9) "I am in my mother's room." -Samuel Beckett, first sentence of Molloy

10) "We see that the now is just this: to be no more just when it is." Hegel, Phenomenology of Spirit


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