Monday, September 19, 2011


All people have to do
is be charming to ghosts.
If you believe in ghosts at all
then you need to start charming them
because that is what the people
who believe in ghosts do: they map a space
with their tongue behind their teeth
and say "a ghost is planted here
and comes in here to do things."
Why can't ghosts reside in a person's mouth?
If not there, then where? The tongue moves
and swirls around the words
you speak but cannot see so who is to say
the ghosts do not reside there
in the mouth? Who?


Blogger joanna said...

"All people have to do/ is be charming to ghosts." Yes. And ghosts better be charming to me and not reside in a person's mouth. Yikes!

1:09 AM  

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