Sunday, July 31, 2011


Why does my heart swell from ear to ear? Could you
involve me in that sort of mission?
The air above us is corrosive, it also appears to be blue.
Some might even say that the air around us
is taking up space. We can see the air
when we're properly equipped. You could tell
me what I see or breathe. That, as you know, is air.
Remember when the people clapped their hands in the air
when you fell onto a dusty couch on drugs? Do you?
Well, you could sell the dust, the applauses,
laughter and the noise of those people.
I'm leaning on a balcony above a lake
doing dorky things with light waves
through the trees. You can see summer
is for sale. You can. Some people can afford
to get out and do things in the world.
Isn't that nice?


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