Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Extra Special Day

If worry and doubt were dressed in a costume
I guarantee they'd be dressed as a cowboy and a gorilla.
Fact: Hot sun on pancake make-up
makes that lady's face on 7th Avenue look melty.
I can see into the future with a spatula and a trouble hook.
People drink coffee with little effort. Some people
are very interesting and do interesting things
all summer like go to the Vineyard and ride
in the back of a car with their hand out the
window thinking "this is an airplane, my hand."
I'm more realistic than that and fluid.
My arms are tan and salty. I mean, I'm ready
to walk around Brooklyn with sunscreen and a broad-brimmed
hat. I'm not going to get hurt by anyone. I'm just this
human guy with the keys to my apartment
and some really good writing pens.
PS those white dots are swans.
I hope you have an extra special day.


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