Saturday, June 18, 2011

In the Spirit of Maybe

You certainly may take delight in gripping mud
with your toes, that's just my trip. Also, please remember:
You can get your day's protein allotment by consuming:
1) Bluejay wing
2) A certain muscle in my neck
3) Grouper fish spine.
I would also recommend that you pump
your heart full of metallic liquids, you know, like
melted rings and glitter and such.
You can shoot rubber bands at the stars when your
mood looms in that place we talked about
once while facing the sky from the ground.
You may also want to shake freely, like almost
a dance, but as though you just emerged
from a cold lake. Zoom in on the sink
and see the tiny hairs in there. Gross!
Basically, I want you to just compact the air
around you until it weighs a ton
and is all maximal and supreme
and then you don't breathe it in so much as
you move it around with a truck and crane of some sort.
Tonight: a super wet supper and a close look
at what you've been experiencing in my shirts.
Fun Saturday!


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